Meet The Owner

In the beginning it was just me (Sam), a very small, antique portable carpet cleaning machine and a couple hundred home-printed flyers. Day in and day out I would flyer neighborhoods knocking on doors and introducing myself to local neighbors right here in North New York. I’d knock on 100 doors per day and occasionally I would find someone who would say, “yes”. The next day I’d get one more yes, and then I’d get a referral. It kept building this way until before I knew it I was too busy to keep up with the demand of returning clients.

My brother and I had always been somewhat of entrepreneurs from a very young age so when I called him up and told him about the amazing opportunity I had been blessed with he packed his belongings and moved back to New York immediately. As brothers most people question how it is that we work together, but when you get to know us you’ll easily see how well we work together. Jack is a genius when it comes to operations, organization, and ensuring that we’re always putting out the absolute best product. Whether it’s ensuring our process is the most comprehensive in the industry or upgrading our equipment with top-notch improvements, our clients can rest assured knowing that their rugs have received the most thorough and safe cleaning possible. Now, if you’re taking the time to read this far than I’m sure you’ve gathered that I’m the talkative one. I love client interaction and it’s always been my passion to create and deliver on what we call the Golden Service Circle. Every interaction with each client from online marketing, website appearance, phone operations, onsite interaction, follow up interactions, and every positive or negative moment-of-truth in between is of utmost importance to us. To this day I still do my best to field as many phone calls as I personally can to ensure that I’m still in touch with each client that continues to help drive us to each new level.

Jack and I have spent years defining why we do what we do, how we do it, and what it is that we do to differentiate ourselves. We both hold several certifications, have taken dozens continuing education courses, seminars and practical application classes. Jack even became master certified in rug care, but still to this day we are in the pursuit of any an all rug knowledge we can obtain. Rug fibers, backings, and construction are constantly changing so it’s important to always be learning. Rug cleaning is not a “one-size” fits all method and each rug must be approached in a way that is as unique as it is. We appreciate you taking the time to read about us and we look forward to speaking with you directly.

Sam Borson & Jack Lawson

Meet The Owner

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