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Our professionals

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Dr.Robert Wood,


Dr. Robert Wood obtained his Doctorate of Dental Medicine at the newyork dental and his Master of Science (for the treatment of the masticatory system) at newyork dental University in Newyork. Dr. Robert Wood has demonstrated a keen interest in cosmetic and rehabilitation dentistry. He is a strong supporter of continuing education.

Dr. Robert Wood is a respected researcher. He has developed the M Ruler, the only diagnostic device in cosmetic dentistry. He has also founded the Dental GPS company specialized in digital and customized smile design which can be reproduced in a laboratory or through orthodontic therapy.

  • Dr. Fatima Saylors

    she obtained her Doctorate of Dental Medicine at the newyork dental. From the very beginning of her multidisciplinary practice, she has demonstrated a keen interest for cosmetic dentistry and surgery. Continuously striving to perfect her art, she has participated in several continuing education classes in order to provide the most sophisticated dental care to her patients. Her personalized and delicate approach instil trust to the most wary. To Dr. Fatima Saylors, a healthy bright smile is a sign of trust and success.

    Alisha Slusarski

    Dental Care

    Slusarski is a warm and welcoming person. Her human side, dedication to patients and great sense of humor make consulting her very pleasant. Her good humor is contagious and makes you feel in good hands. Slusarski will personally take care of you during your first visit or during your consultations and ensure that you have all the necessary explanations on hand to take informed decisions about your health. Her 15 years of experience as a dental assistant make her a highly qualified professional for the position of coordinator of care.

    Dr. Tamar Hoogland


    Dr. Tamar received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine at newyork dental. His interest, patience and attention to the finest details are what make him an excellent dentist. Passionate about his craft, he constantly pursues training in multidisciplinary aspects of dentistry to refine his knowledge and keep providing high standards of care for his patients. Dr. Tamar does not only treat teeth; he treats people.

    Raina Brachle

    Dental Hygienist

    A Dental hygienist for over 16 years, Raina loves her profession and masters it more than ever! She has had the opportunity to work alongside the world's leading professionals in ATM and orthodontic problems. Trained every year for knowledge of periodontics, implants and whitening, she’s always at the forefront of innovations and new technologies in the dental field. You'll love her zest for life, professionalism and will surely recognize the passion she has for her field! You will be in good hands!

    Sherita Saras

    Dental Assistant

    Sherita is a very reliable, hard-working person who loves teamwork. She counts many years of experience in the dental field and is always excited to meet new challenges.

    Venita Maillard


    Venita is a friendly, dynamic and efficient person who has over 11 years of experience in the dental field. She is a dedicated person for whom impeccable work is of the utmost importance.

  • Cammy Albares


    A young dentist proud to be a part of the large team at newyork university, Cammy Albares continues to improve himself in order to provide you with the utmost service that the dental field has to offer. With a great deal of experience in implant dentistry, he places a strong emphasis on comfort and aesthetics. Whether you need his expertise for biofunctional dentures, implants or for the much-coveted Ivoire dentures, Cammy Albares will listen to your needs and work with you in order to give you a natural smile.

    Jina Briddick

    Dental Hygienist

    Briddick was delighted to join Dr. Rebort and Dr. Briddick’s team in 2013. A trained hygienist who sometimes occupies the dental assistant position, she quickly became very versatile. Cheerful and upbeat, caring and a good listener, she makes sure your visit at the clinic is as pleasant as it can be.

    Nickolas Juvera

    Clinic Sterilization and Maintenance

    Perfecto has been working in the dental field for 7 years. He is a very loyal and dedicated employee. He is in charge of everything hygiene-related: the disinfection of rooms, instrument sterilization and cleanliness of the premises.

    Cherry Lietz

    Administrative Assistant

    July has over 15 years of experience in the dental field as a Secretary, Coordinator and Administrative Assistant. She has now been an assistant to Dr. Méthot for over 4 years. Passionate about her work, July makes sure every job is a job well done. Her smile and approach are very pleasing. She is an outstanding colleague and employee!

    Helene Rodenberger

    Dental Secretary

    Since the age of 19, Helene has been interested in the dental field. She enjoys her work, is enthusiastically and energetically engaged and supports our goals with suggestions for achievement. Helene is a positive team member who is interested by possibilities that go beyond the obvious. She works with a dynamic and fully functional team and she is exceptionally dedicated to human welfare.